Wednesday, 8 May 2013

To SOW or NOT to SOW…

.....That was the question, with all the recent inclement weather we have experienced. I had been holding out, waiting for things to warm up a little, namely the soil. Spring appears to have arrived much later this year, It is difficult to say how late things are but two weeks, maybe three, is my guess, the swallows were very late arriving. Well what do you know, this past weekend, the first real sign of good weather and what a joy it was too, EVERYONE was out and enjoying it. While out and about, I was amazed at the number of people out in their gardens, not necessarily doing anything but just sitting, faces up to the sky and smiling absorbing the glorious rays of sunshine. It was a joy to see people just taking time out to enjoy the good weather and greeting each other as they pass by, not something I have seen for a long time, if only people were this friendly all the time. But it was a welcome relief from all the normal doom and gloom we have all experienced in the media in recent times.
I personally took advantage of the weather with a BBQ, cooked a very nice butterflied leg of lamb. I also took the opportunity to dig my raised beds, raking soil to a fine tilth (as they say) and finally sowing the first seeds direct in the ground. I have taken the approach of sowing directly as I don't really have the space to sow, in advance under cover, and the truth be known probably not the patience either. I do hope we have better weather this year and I cant wait to see "fingers crossed" my little patch bursting into life providing us with some vegetables for the table. The birds are singing and the bee's are buzzing and LIFE IS GOOD, when the sun shines and you can work outdoors.

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