Monday, 27 February 2012

200 HEALTHY feasts

This is a nice little book with clear instructions and straightforward recipes. It size is also very convenient for people on the go and can be perused at ones leisure while making the daily commute into the office, or during a coffee break, or anytime you have a couple of moments to spare, allowing you to review recipes and plan your meals in advance.
There is a good variety of interesting and exciting recipes in the book, divided into chapters covering breakfast, starters, soups, desserts, meals for any time of the day and any occasion, each recipe consists of a page containing a list of ingredients and clear instructions, with a colour photo of the dish on the page opposite.
This book is based upon healthy eating and sometimes this is a subject often unfairly viewed as dull, put please don't let this dissuade you, just skip past the introduction initially and jump straight into the recipes. Once you have cooked and enjoyed many of these meals you will have no problem in understanding and appreciating the message in the introduction, it is not a lecture and makes complete sense.  
This is a cookery book, I have enjoyed using, producing some great dishes which have been completely enjoyed, unknowingly as the Healthy option.

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