Friday, 17 February 2012

The CHAP in BED on the TELLY!

It has been a long week and this has nothing do with food, but I guess it would if I ate in bed, which I don't. Anyway I was in a local shop yesterday just picking up a few bits and pieces, when I noticed a little old lady staring at me. So I said "hello" and she asked "are you that chap that was in bed on the Telly" to which I replied "yes", she said "it was very good, I enjoyed it". Let me explain, some time ago I was somehow persuaded to take part in a documentary and it was shown on television last Monday night, it was called 'In Bed with the Irish'. I had never dreamt it would be picked up by RTE. So my wife and I reluctantly watched it from behind our Sofa, but glad to say it was tastefully done and thankfully I survived the aftermath in work the next day.
Hopefully people staring with a vague look of recognition on their faces will stop soon too. It was an experience, a story to share with grandchildren perhaps, my first and last TV appearance, unless of course it involves food and no I don't mean eating in bed.......

'In Bed with the Irish' on the RTE Player (from Ireland only).

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